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Heat Treat Furnaces HTF, Inc. located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin is your competitively priced Quality builder of both Conventional and Unique heat treat furnace systems for various heat treating applications. For over 30 years our innovative products are among the industry’s best for all your heat treating and other stationary or portable specialized thermal process equipment. Unlike our competitors that offer only certain size furnaces, we can build a heat treat furnace to exacting specifications to fit YOUR needs.

If you have the need to: Bring work in house, improve your process, reduce energy use, replace aged equipment, or start from scratch contact us.

Heat Treat Equipment Heating 
Car Bottom Furnace Natural Gas Furnace
Box furnace Electric Furnace
Tip-up Furnace Recuperated Furnace
Drop Bottom Furnace Landfill Gas Furnace
Roller Hearth Furnace Oil Furnace
Mesh Belt Furnace
Bell Furnace Processing / Application
Pit Furnace Carburizing Furnace
Preheat Furnace Nitriding Furnace
Rotary Hearth Furnace Hardening Furnace
Quench Tank Stress Relief Furnace
Batch Furnace Aluminium Furnace
Continuous Furnace Tempering Furnace
Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) Furnace Annealing Furnace
T4, T6, T7 Aluminum Solution Age Furnace
Forging Furnace
Annealing Furnace

We build batch and continuous heat treatment furnaces and oven types including: atmosphere, auto-load/unload, bell, box, car bottom, tip up or “clamshell”, conveyor, draw, mesh belt, drop bottom, elevator, forced-convection, half-heat, kiln, muffle, pit, preheat, quench, recuperated, roller rail, roller hearth, rotary, slot, screw hearth, and shuttle furnaces.

In addition to heat treat equipment we offer the solution to gas field produced water treatment and recovery.  Visit our Thermal Desalination Unit page (TDU) page form more information.